Open Teams

Headless and PlatZHirsch are the two current Zürich Ultimate Open/Men’s Teams.

Headless was founded in 2013, PlatZHirsch in 2015.


PlatZHirsch has participated in Swiss Ultimate Disc Tour play since its founding, in addition to playing Swiss Championships in National League A. PlatZHirsch won the Open division in the 2018 Edition of Bologna is Back, and is looking to qualify for EUC play in 2020.

Tryouts are held in late Fall, but players looking to play at the highest level in Zürich can ask to join practices by writing to the Zürich Ultimate contact email, or by writing to us directly on Facebook.



Headless is the place to improve individually and play high-level ultimate with an emphasis on inclusion and fun. Headless seeks to play at a high level in National League B with clear role divisions. During the 2018-19 season, Headless moved away from calling power lines, and encourages players of all levels to join!