Headed to EBUCC

In our first year of existence, the Zürich Mixed Beach team took home the Beach SM Trophy and qualified for the European Beach Ultimate Club Championships in 2020. Our values of positive vibes, trusting each other, and playing mixed (we are big fans of Gender Ratio Rule A) helped us also become Spirit co-Champions at the Beach Championship.

In 2020, the Beach SM Championship team will travel to Valencia (Sabe a Mixta) and Rimini (Paganello) in order to prepare for Euros in Portimao. There will be casual mixed beach ultimate days at Juchhof/Altstetten throughout the summer that are open to everyone. Everyone is also invited to celebrate the end of the season (after mixed grass SM) with us in style at a fall beach tournament (e.g. CFC (Lanzarote), Calafell Arena (Calafell), Ichnos Cup (Cagliari) - let Georg and/or Malvina know if you have a preference)