As of March 1st, 2021 we will again be offering training on the outdoor facilities in accordance with the requirements of the BAG. If you are interested, please contact us, but please understand that the training operations are reduced until further notice and that games in particular are not possible as usual.

Stay healthy!

Practice locations and times for winter are still to be decided, infos following soon...

Beginner workshop (Oct 26 / Nov 2 / Nov 8 2020)


Mixed - ZebraH

Mixed - FucZH

Women - Swarm

Women - MeduZHa

Open - Headless

Open - platZHirsch


At ZU, beginners are players which are less experienced in Ultimate (less than 2 years). However, beginners enjoy a high priority with us and, in addition to the opportunity to train in existing teams (except those in training for championships), we also offer targeted courses and seminars for beginners.

Contact and find out when specific introductory courses take place and you can then join a team and train with us.


Information about the Juniors' practice can be found on the Juniors page.